Holistic Offerings For
Modern Spiritual Needs

Combining academic scholarship, spiritual leadership and practical knowledge, Dr. Boaz has a holistic approach to spirituality, both learned and compassionate. His wide spiritual expertise includes from religious conversions to meditation classes. Similarly, Dr. Boaz’s offerings range from tailored individual sessions to programs for spirituality in the workplace.

Dr. Boaz has developed his own method for spiritual direction. Combining his scholarship and spiritual and religious experience, he offers contemporary, pluralistic, non-denominational and non-judgmental spiritual direction. He shares this experience, knowledge and method to people in need in integrating spirituality or religion—like interfaith couples or people interested in a conversion to Judaism or Christianity.

Discover the great value that religion, spirituality and mindfulness have for achieving full human purpose, potential and wellbeing. You will realize that what you are searching truly exists—and that Dr. Boaz can bring purpose to your life through spirituality and religion.

Let your spiritual transformation begin today!


With his academic scholarship and religious experience, Dr. Boaz can be your guide in some of the great spiritual world systems. Dr. Boaz is proficient in:

  • Catholicism, Anglicanism, Protestantism (Lutheranism, Calvinism), Orthodox Christianity
  • All branches of Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Renewal), including Kabbalah
  • Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism
  • Mindfulness exercises, Lectio Divina and Vedic meditations, Yoga
  • Philosophy as a way of life (Stoicism, Epicureanism, Platonism, Nondualism)
  • Paganism (Roman, Greek, Indo-European)


Dr. Boaz has different offerings, ranging from private sessions to lectures. Find the best way I can help you answering your questions or finding the right spiritual path:


    Using Dr. Boaz’s spiritual direction method, you will have full freedom to express your spiritual and religious doubts and concerns. The sessions can deal with from a potential religious conversion or designing your life celebration, to interfaith couples counseling. Dr. Boaz will guide you at all times and will provide you with the appropriate knowledge and experience during the private sessions.


    Dr. Boaz has created several programs and courses for individuals and groups interested in having an intense proficient spiritual knowledge and practice. At this moment, Dr. Boaz offers a Jewish conversion course in partnership with Manhattan Orthodox rabbis, and a Christian Initiation Program in partnership with a New York church. He also has the Lectio Divina Meditation Program, in which he teaches how to meditate using this ancient Western meditation technique born in Greek philosophy and preserved in European monasteries for centuries.


    With a successful academic career, Dr. Boaz is a resourceful speaker with the rigor of the scholar and great passion. Over the years, Dr. Boaz has lectured in France, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States, bringing complex ideas with clarity and coherence. In New York, Dr. Boaz has been featured at the Assemblage. Inquire with Dr. Boaz for his current available lectures.


    In his mission to help people, Dr. Boaz has created a program tailored to workplace needs: Mindfulness for Business™. Based upon ancient Greek philosophy, Stoicism, the program combines unique mindfulness exercises with meditation in order to alleviate anxiety and stress, and improve job satisfaction and productivity. The Mindfulness for Business™ program is the best way to create well-grounded, balanced, successful corporate leadership in the spirit of a Stoic tradition of great leaders.


Spiritual direction is not your average therapy session. Spiritual direction is a dynamic dialogue, a horizontal, non-hierarchical conversation. Dr. Boaz is not higher or better than you—he is a fellow human being guiding you and giving you his knowledge.

You decide the set and setting: Dr. Boaz's consultation room, a walk in the park, a private home, a Skype call, a chat in the church pews… Dr. Boaz will adapt to your demands and tailor for you the most comfortable setting for your spiritual direction.

Dr. Boaz has systematized a method with four different steps in order to help you reach your goals, grow and thrive spiritually or religiously. You will examine your spiritual call, discern what you should become, learn and live your spiritual path, and finally have a coming of age or rite of passage. Inquire with Dr. Boaz to learn more about his method.


Dr. Boaz offers a free 20-minute introductory session to get to know one another better. After this, you will set up a working schedule and frequency. Dr. Boaz has a sliding scale fee that can be discussed during the introductory session.