Where Your Spiritual
Growth Begins

Spiritual direction is a traditional counseling mentor figure that allows people to grow in their faith. Many religions and denominations have spiritual guides—from the guru to the rabbi, these are roles for teaching, enlightenment, awakening and growth.

Dr. Boaz has developed his own method for spiritual direction. Combining his scholarship and spiritual and religious experience, he offers contemporary, pluralistic, non-denominational and non-judgmental spiritual direction. He shares this enlightening and healing method to anybody interested in exploring his or her spiritual path or religious journey.

In an open dialogue, both you and Dr. Boaz will be working together, discovering theory and practice of the religion and spirituality that fits you the best. In this relationship of equals, Dr. Boaz will accompany you from your spiritual infancy to maturity, from doubts to certainty.

Let your spiritual transformation begin today!


Dr. Boaz's main goal is to help you find your own path and spiritual home. As an impartial guide, Dr. Boaz has devised different phases of your enlightenment, awakening and spiritual growth.

With his academic scholarship and religious experience, Dr. Boaz can be your coach in discovering any religion or spirituality you wish. Dr. Boaz is proficient in:

  • Catholicism, Anglicanism, Christian Protestant denominations, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Quakerism, Adventism, Mormonism, Bible Student movement, Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism, Christian Gnosticism
  • All branches of Judaism, including Jewish mysticism
  • Different streams of Hinduism, including Advaita Vedanta and Yoga
  • Taoism, Ch’an Buddhism
  • Shamanism, archaic religion, Goddess movement
  • Roman Paganism as well as Norse rituals
  • Esoteric teachings, including Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Anthroposophy
  • New Age currents, different forms of meditation, non-religious spirituality
  • Stoic, Epicurean, Platonic, Neo-Platonic, Agnostic philosophies
  • Deism, Spinoza’s Pantheism, and the old-fashioned French revolutionary Reason worship


Spiritual awakenings follow a certain pattern. Dr. Boaz has systematized a method with different phases in order to help you reach your goals, grow and thrive spiritually or religiously:

  • 01. CALL

    Particular cases aside, this is the first phase. It is a heavily experiential and unstructured phase that you can naturally be having on your own through an enlightening episode. Any person can have a personal, inner call for the spiritual, the sacred, the divine, the transcendent… Dr. Boaz can assist you in awakening your spiritual call using psychodynamic methods. The fact that you are not having a call right now does not mean that you cannot have one.


    Once the call has been firmly identified and experienced, you move to the second phase. Dr. Boaz will provide you with the right tools and resources to understand your call. Then, you will meditate and reflect upon the enlightening episode you experienced. Through discernment you truly begin awakening your spiritual self. This is the moment when you make sense of what you believe and what you want to aspire to.

  • 03. LEARNING

    The third phase is intensive learning. Nobody said that spiritual awakening was effortless. But Dr. Boaz will ease the entire learning process. Call and discernment are usually followed by a thirst for spiritual or religious knowledge. Dr. Boaz will provide all the right materials and will teach you the basics of the religious or spiritual system you follow. He will always answer all your questions and doubts. You might even create your own spiritual system with Dr. Boaz's help.

  • 04. LIVING

    The fourth phase is when you start living and practicing your spirituality or religion. Dr. Boaz will not only help you in finding the best place, people or way to share your religious experience: he will accompany you, if you wish. Either you go to a church, a temple, a synagogue or a moon circle, Dr. Boaz will be there to advise you and will be ready to guide you in practice. Spirituality and religion need to be lived and explored. Dr. Boaz recognizes the great power of living a faith, and he is always there to share the experience with you.


    The last phase is the rite of initiation or passage—when you are fully admitted into a religion, or when you sense you are mature enough to feel spiritually at home. On your behalf, Dr. Boaz will pull his extensive connections in the religious and spiritual scene of New York. He will continue to help you until your awakening moves on to a new stage. Dr. Boaz will be at your side during your religious initiation or spiritual coming of age. Do not despair, Dr. Boaz will continue to be available to you after your coming of age! Many people with established faith, religion or spirituality ask for his advice and counsel often. Dr. Boaz is here to help you—anytime, anywhere.


Spiritual direction is not your average therapy session. Spiritual direction is a dynamic dialogue, a horizontal, non-hierarchical conversation. Dr. Boaz is not higher or better than you—he is a fellow human being guiding you and giving you his knowledge.

You decide the set and setting: a coffeehouse, a walk in the park, a private home, a Skype call, a chat in the church pews… Dr. Boaz will adapt to your demands and tailor for you the most comfortable setting for your spiritual direction. Spiritual awakening does not need to happen in Dr. Boaz's consultation room—it is perhaps the least desirable place to have a spiritual awakening!

After your first free 20-minute call, Dr. Boaz and you will have the first session—in person or calling. You will decide the frequency. You can meet Dr. Boaz as much as you need, according to your intensity: weekly, twice a week, or even daily. A higher frequency brings more intensity and better results. Dr. Boaz will always be here to help you.


Dr. Boaz offers a free 20-minute introductory session to get to know one another better. After this, you will set up a working schedule and frequency. Dr. Boaz has a sliding scale fee that can be discussed during the introductory session.