Spiritual Wisdom for the Modern Man

Dr. Boaz Vilallonga, Ph.D. is a religion scholar, previously at Columbia University and New York University.

He obtained his doctorate in history of religion from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France. He studies the relationship between ancient religion and modernity.

Proficient in ten languages, Dr. Boaz ​was educated in both Paganism and John Calvin, before having an intense spiritual journey, including Catholicism—a tradition in which he is ordained priest—and Judaism.

Equipped with this rich Pagan, Catholic and Jewish background, Dr. Boaz believes in the power of syncretism and interspirituality for the modern man.


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Dr. Boaz is committed to providing scholarly-level lectures available to all audiences. He understands the modern need for spirituality and religion and wants to contribute to improving spiritual literacy.

Too often, academic knowledge remains insulated and secluded within the walls of universities, with intricated, specialized jargon. Important discoveries or truths may be prevented from accessing the broad audience. Dr. Boaz believes that this academic knowledge needs to be made available.

Through his Youtube videos and Medium articles, Dr. Boaz offers a wide range of lectures covering interesting topics of religion and spirituality for the modern man. His ultimate goal is to be helpful to those seeking religion or embarking in a spiritual journey.