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Dr. Boaz Vilallonga, Ph.D. is a spiritual coach and religious scholar who believes in the human potential of spirituality.

Currently a research scholar at Columbia University, he has devoted many years of his life to the study and understanding of the spiritual man in top higher educational institutions in France and the United States.

Equipped with a rich, transformative spiritual journey, Dr. Boaz has studied, learned and lived with some of the best spiritual masters of our time in Judaism and Catholicism, where he holds ordination.

Discover what Dr. Boaz can offer you in your spiritual quest and journey, from individual sessions to mindfulness programs for the workplace.


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Most world religions and spiritual traditions have masters that advise and guide their followers, and make sure that they can grow their lives.

Dr. Boaz has a pluralistic, non-denominational and non-judgmental understanding of how the contemporary spiritual advisor should look.

Borrowing from the Catholic tradition, Dr. Boaz practices spiritual direction for the lonely modern seeker. Spiritual counseling is an open dialogue that differs from therapy or any psychological procedure, but that focuses on healing spiritual or interfaith personal or couples issues.

Discover how Dr. Boaz can guide you to minfuldness, purpose, and spiritual growth in your life.